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Wakihara Laboratory2022.Jul.31

Wakihara Lab

Synthesis, Characterization and Application of nano-space materials

To address the urgent challenges in the fields of energy and environmental protection, developing functional nanomaterials and devices with novel and superior properties is absolutely necessary. Our researches have been focused on synthesis, characterization and application of nanoporous materials (e.g., zeolite and mesoporous silica etc.), a class of nanomaterials that exhibit unique properties and thus hold great promises in tackling the issues in the environmental and energy fields.What distinguishes us is that we study the nanoporous materials at multiple scales.

On the basis of physical chemistry, we are employing bottom-up approaches to fabricate and tailor nanoporous materials to reach understandings at atomic and molecular levels; while with top-down approaches at global scales, we develop novel processes and create new systems in order to open up technologies that can offer practical solutions to the issues such as gas separation, emission control and abatement of volatile organic compounds.

Below are some of our current research topics:

・Synthesis of novel nanoporous materials.
・Mechanistic study on formation of nanoporous materials.
・Development of novel production process of nanoporous materials.
・Development and modeling of catalysts, adsorbents, and membranes for solving the energy and environment-related problems.
・Characterization of nanoporous and organic-inorganic hybrid materials using synchrotron X-ray.


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